Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think that I can finally get outside to pull some weeds tommorrow. We've gotten some much needed rain for the last 2 days, everything is really popping up. Tonight is my daughters Memorial Day Program. She is very excited for it. I began a new painting on my grandmothers old wooden cutting board. I decided to do a decorative primitive style chess/checker board. My grandparents were artists who had a ceramic shop and I have a set of chess pieces that they made, so we get the chess board. Hopefully it will turn out okay and I will be able to put it out on my coffee table. I also finally posted my pillow covers in my etsy shop. They are recycled wool sweaters that I felted then stiched onto a piece of fabric in the log cabin pattern. I like them, I hope they sell.

I also included a few pics of my crows, I love crows. Not the best pic of quilt but it is the best my camera will do for now. Well God Bless and everyone have a lovely day.


  1. OMG LAni,

    Just LOVING all your stuff!! I will blog you when I get my act together...hey, I think your stuff would do awesome down at the farmer's market in Johnstown...I am racking my brain ,trying to find something I could make and sell...and you could sell your herbs and plants too...If you want to check it out with me this Fri. let me pending I will be going. I am so proud of you!!!:) I WANT a sign and so does my mom!! I also found this od book on Hex signs the other day..I will have to pass it along...lotsa hugs, Amy

  2. PS...ahhh LOVE the crows on your dining room cupbooard!! and the quilt!!! It is amazing LOVe how you incorporated the the colors LOVE evrything...if you weren't such a good friend I would be insanly jealous!! LOL

  3. Oh I am a crow lover too, not so much when I see one up close though!! I do love them in painting and in any form of artwork.I will hop over to your Etsy shop and check out your pillows!

  4. Your crows are cut!