Friday, January 21, 2011

A snowy day in January....

Well it is lovely to get back to blogging and quilting and painting once again. I am going through a nasty divorce and spent last year getting my life back in order. It is getting there, thank you God! I am trying to shovel out my "studio" so I can start painting more hex signs. My dad gave me a pile of old wood to use so I am pretty excited about it.

Our gueanie pig had three little ones last week. They are way too adorable. I am posting some pics of them. They spend most of their time running around behind their mother and eating lettuce. So far we have two spoken for.

That is about it for today, pictures of works in progress and little piggies are coming, once I figure out how to upload from my iphone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think that I can finally get outside to pull some weeds tommorrow. We've gotten some much needed rain for the last 2 days, everything is really popping up. Tonight is my daughters Memorial Day Program. She is very excited for it. I began a new painting on my grandmothers old wooden cutting board. I decided to do a decorative primitive style chess/checker board. My grandparents were artists who had a ceramic shop and I have a set of chess pieces that they made, so we get the chess board. Hopefully it will turn out okay and I will be able to put it out on my coffee table. I also finally posted my pillow covers in my etsy shop. They are recycled wool sweaters that I felted then stiched onto a piece of fabric in the log cabin pattern. I like them, I hope they sell.

I also included a few pics of my crows, I love crows. Not the best pic of quilt but it is the best my camera will do for now. Well God Bless and everyone have a lovely day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well now no ghosts ETSY

The lower farm fields
Just below the barn , quanset (? bad spelling) hut

Farm sign

My son Andy and his dog Sandy

Nephew Jake, daughter Eden, neice Erika with Sam and Sandy

Well well well, I was able to upload my mini hexes to my etsy shop. Pray for the best, this is my summer vacation money. So yes, I am not above putting a guilt trip on people, I am catholic and a mother after all, buy my stuff damn it. Today was interesting, my daughter has my same sense of time, we were 1/2 hour late for her soccer game, and we thought we were 1/2 hour early. Okay-I will own up to it-I am ALWAYS late and this is pretty much par for the course for me. So my insane life (and I do mean this most sincerely, for I am truly mad) is getting more insane by the hour-this I will go into detail and speak of later. My minor was marketing so a teaser should be expected. Okay-I am going to attempt to post pics of the farm and some hexes in progess. Don't forget I am laughinggoat on ETSY-great place to shop and while you are there please look at one of my oldest and dearest friends shops-fairiehearth-her blog is roses radishes and rubbish. She is the most amazing musician and artist and better friend than can ever be had. I promise that you will not be let down.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 4th attempt to publish a post today

Well I am having an awful time trying to get my pics up and this post published. Does anyone else have the post they are typing morph into their blog front page? I think that my library ghost is now attacking my laptop. Something is not working for me. Anyway-beautiful day in the woods, nice and warm and sunny. I put off weeding too long and now the ground is almost too dry to pull out weeds. So I am here trying to get my artwork out. I did get a few pics of my newest hex signs, o yeah the other happy note, my camera batteries are dead and my spare ones are awol. So I am going to try again to get pics.

Painting Barn Flowers

Well I think that I am finally getting the hang of how to blog and post pictures (kind of). It is a real pity that I am not adept at taking pictures. I do have some works in progress of my most recent paintings. Time to stop playing on the laptop and get out to my weedy garden and get some work done.